Usability & User Experience Enhancement on P&C Portal


Client wanted to improve the user experience of their industry leading information portal and suite of tools. With an audience that is time and attention challenged, client needed to reach their end-users with just-in-time content that helps users do their job better: managing risk and tending to property and casualty issues.

Key challenges were

• Improve the ease of use of an existing solution
• Figure out why users were not spending time with valuable content
• Reduce navigational complexity
• Improve the web design,increase modernity of  user interface along with underlying technology
• Determine mobile and social strategy as well as best of breed requirements

The Solution

Employed a user-centered design approach to the website redesign effort. By obsessing over users and focusing features around ease of use from start to end, 4iSoft was able to steer the client toward features and functionality that mattered most to end- users.

The user experience strategy was based on research with users consulted along the way. Usability testing offered a forum for users to express concerns and priorities over how the navigation and content should flow. Usability expert guidance allowed our client to empathize with the audience and narrow in on the subtleties required to maximize user engagement.

Having fleshed out design concepts with a rapidly created prototype, 4iSfoft turned to visual design to enhance the new user interface.

4iSoft collaborated with  a leading usability consulting firm that works with marquee clients to improve, innovate and evolve their designs for digital experiences


Approach involved three set of activities -

Usability Testing

Usability Testing involves testing a group of users individually in one-to-one sessions. Each user is given a set of realistic problems and observed as they try to solve each task. A skilled facilitator observes each user and records a combination of qualitative data (e.g. perceptions, behaviours, intentions, expectations, emotional responses) and quantitative data (e.g. time on task, number of errors, task completion, problem severity, user satisfaction ratings). Video screen recordings of actual user behaviour helped capture navigation paths and mouse clicks.

User Interface Prototyping

Professional user interface design strategy is created based on feedback from the usability testing of the current application. The insights into current behaviour with the portal are used to steer design metaphors, content strategy, layout, navigation and overall UI and user experience strategy.

Technology Audit

A careful assessment of existing systems, architecture and database requirements helps the client fit new user experience requirements to technology infrastructure. Our technology audit revealed areas of weakness and strength- helping client leverage existing systems and prioritize new development needs.

Business Results

Engagement and adoption of P&C portal improved significantly, as users started spending more time on portal to accomplish their tasks. Traction, in turn, encouraged the client to channel more of their routine interactions through the portal, which otherwise were done through mails and phones.

Client could clearly see the following benefits:

  1. Clients acknowledged over 150% improvement in ease of use
  2. Reduced the search time from 14 minutes to 3 minutes on complex tasks, improving efficiencies.
  3. Users’ satisfaction on new visual design increased by over 30% over the existing design.
  4. Efficiency gains of over 15% by channeling routine transactions through the portal

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