Data Migration from legacy to a modern Claims Management System


The client had been using the GenSource client-server based integrated risk information system – GenIRIS, for over a decade. And wanted to migrate to the web-based claims administration system, iVOS, offered by Aon eSolutions. In addition to the standard challenges that would typically occur with any data migration, this client faced a resource limitation since they were updating other in-house systems concurrently, and they were having trouble extracting all of their GenIRIS data.

The Solution

The client chose 4iSoft due to its deep understanding of a variety of claims
management systems, coupled with its strong IT expertise in data extraction, data migration, and conversion methodologies. 4iSoft was uniquely qualified for the project since staff had experience with not only the target iVOS system and its SQL Server database, but also with the source GenIRIS system and its unusual UniVerse database.

With this experience, 4iSoft could handle the project end-to-end with minimal demand on the client’s or Aon eSolutions’ time so they could focus on the iVOS customization required for the implementation.


The conversion was broken into multiple phases. Comprehensive conversion methodologies were applied to ensure data integrity and an error-free, hassle-free migration of the data from the one claims administration system to the other.